Cruel Man Filmed And Posted Himself Torturing Neighbor’s Cat On Social Media

21-year-old Tyrike Richardson, a man from Staten Island, was recently arrested for abusing his neighbor’s cat. Richardson got caught via a footage that he captured himself on 29th June, as he was doing a live-streamed video on Facebook. The clip shows Richardson hurting the innocent 2-year-old cat named Chester.

Firstly, Tyrike grabs a chair and drops it repeatedly on the cat’s body, then gets a knife to shoo away the animal. Chester tries to defend himself from Richardson and the blade by pushing it with his head, but unfortunately, Chester could no longer protect himself. Later in the video, you see Richardson poking and jabbing Chester all over his body with a long stick, and poor Chester is lying on the ground unresponsive.

Richardson already has a criminal record since his teen years, from 14 years old and now he is being charged with neglecting to feed, torturing, and aggravated cruelty to an animal. Chester, on the other hand, is being treated by the ASPCA for his liver, kidney, lung injuries, trauma and rib fractures.

WARNING GRAPHIC: Sickening Facebook Live cat torture video leads to charges