Daycare Worker Forgets There’s A Camera In The Room, Does The Most Cruelest Act To A Kid

People who leave their children at a daycare center put their full trust in them. Parents often leave their children at a daycare center while they are at work. Gable, 52, works at Pennsylvania day care center has over 25 years of experience. On paper, she is an ideal care worker and will often be considered a senior staff. In reality, she is far from an angel and is facing harassment charged for endangering the welfare of a child including assault. Gable forgot the cameras were recording in the day care center and she was seen pushing a 4-year-old girl down the stairs. In her initial report, she told officials that the girl fell down by herself, but after this footage was reviewed she was arrested.

Watch Day Care Worker Shove 4-Year-Old Girl Down Stairs: Cops