“Dear Daddy…” Heart Breaking Reality For Being Born a Female

Have you ever thought about how your children’s future would be like before they are born? If not then maybe is the time to think about how to raise them. Wouldn’t it be much easier if our children could come and talk to us from the future to guide us on how to avoid any dangers.

This video portrays the realities of being a female, it shows us a quick overview of a woman’s life from the day that she is born there are many dangers coming towards her. The negativity in our society is increasing day by day affecting not only us but also our children where they are starting to forget what respect is and how to act like humans towards others. As parents, we should raise our children to respect others and teach them the difference between rights and wrongs.

And maybe something like this won’t be so worrying in the future where the opposite sex is a danger… “Dear Daddy, I Will Still Be Born A Female…”