Dirty Grandpa Preys On A Young Girl On A Flight And Molests Her, Says He Did Nothing Wrong

Hans Loudermilk, 66, from California has been jailed on charges he molested and sexually propositioned a 15-year-old girl. He saw the 15-year-old girl sitting by herself seated himself next to her on a Delta Airlines flight. The elderly man first began talking to the young girl innocently then it turned sour when he began touching her inappropriately. When they got off the flight, the girl reported him to a TSA agent and then the 66-year-old ran into a store to change his shirt. When questioned by the FBI Hans said he did nothing wrong as there are no laws in the sky, the FBI reminded him of the laws and stated that laws still apply in the sky.

Hans Loudermilk, 66, minolestiya ang isang teenager sa eroplano!