“Disappointed Couldn’t Kill Her” Suspects Video Got Leaked

Four Brazilian teenage schoolgirls have been arrested in Brazil for attempting to murder a 14-year-old girl that went to their school. The four girls ages had varied between 13-16 years and ganged up on this one girl as they thought she was trying to steal one of the attacker’s boyfriend.

The girl who was being attacked had tried to explain varies times that she only spoke to the boy because she needed help organizing her 15th birthday party. The four attackers did not believe her and instead invited her to one of the attacker’s home where they tortured her for almost four hours leaving her in a horrible state.

Luckily, the girl managed to escape and get help from locals as well as get treatment from the hospital. However, one of the attackers later mentioned that the girl managed to escape because they “slacked” and if they didn’t they would have definitely killed her because that was their intentions.

The young girl later gave her statement to what happened briefly, she said: “They called me round to their house and when I arrived, they began to hit me. They tied me up and showed me where I was going to be buried. Then they stabbed me and put me in the hole in the ground. I thought I was going to die there.”