Doctor Breaks Bad News To Teenage Girl With A Sore Throat

Infections can be a horrible illness to have, if it is mild it can be cured easily with some medication, but in some cases, infections can lead to death if not treated fast enough. Pneumonia a dangerous infection of the lungs can be difficult to manage if not identified quick enough and is one type of infection out of four that often leads to Sepsis.

Gianna Cirella, a 16-year-old teenager from Rhode Island, was suffering from a sore throat for a few days before she saw the doctor for some remedies. The doctor, however, had to give her unfortunate news that she wasn’t suffering from a typical sore throat, but in fact, she had got Pneumonia. Gianna was immediately admitted to the hospital, and one of her legs had to be amputated as the infection was spreading through her body fast.

Unfortunately, the infection was spreading so quickly that the doctors were unable to save her life and she died two weeks after her symptoms had started. Gianna’s high school organized to bring in grief counselors after her death to help her friends and other students to cope with the loss and sudden death.

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