Dog Devastated By Watching Others Being Adopted, Now It’s His Turn Watch His Reaction

Have you ever seen an animal being adopted from a shelter home, it’s a beautiful moment that has to be captured for sure. Benny an adorable puppy was living in a shelter home for a while and the chaotic and stressful environment made the dog become very reserved and shy. Animals that are adopted go through so many emotions in such a short period, from being depressed to very friendly and excited.

Benny was always hoping that he would be adopted by a family but as days and weeks went by he lost hope and became very sad and shy. But when his time came it was hard for him to accept at the beginning, however, once he was out he could not control his emotions. Watch the video below to see how this adorable dog goes through a series of emotions.

Shy Shelter Dog FLIPS OUT After Realizing He's Been Adopted