Dog Gets Shot By Landlord While He Tries To Escape From Abandoned Home

Lucky a Pitbull wasn’t very lucky recently, he was left alone and abandoned in an empty house. For many days he was left starving with no food or water in sight so he tried everything in his power to try and find a way out. The house was locked from all doors from desperation and the little amount of energy he had remaining he tried to bite and chew through two doors which he failed.

Somehow he managed to break a window and escape, but as he was trying to escape the landlord caught him and shot him directly in his nose. another bullet was shot at Lucky but unfortunately, he couldn’t move away from it in time so it hit his leg and broke his bone. After he was shot he was rushed to an emergency vet clinic by a stranger who found him injured and took care of his injuries. Luckily, he is still surviving and now in the care of a lovely foster family.

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