Dog In Critical Condition Is Brought Back To Life After He Crawls To Basement To Die

A normal street Dog was intensely injured in India, the dog knew that his time was limited and nothing much could be done with his injuries. The poor dog didn’t want to be lurking around the streets where he could be injured even more and have limited time then he already does, and therefore decided to crawl into the basement of a shop.

The shopkeeper heard some unusual noise coming from his basement and went to check what it could be, and there he found the dog curled up in a corner ready to die. Luckily, the shopkeeper informed, “Animal Aid Unlimted” who came immediately to rescue the critically injured Dog who recovered back to normal health. The rescue group did mention to the press “we found him collapsed with maggots infesting a huge wound on his head.” which clearly indicates this dog was critical enough to die.

Incredible recovery of alarmingly injured dog found waiting to die