Dog Instantly Becomes Foster Dad To These Abandoned Kittens In A Box

Dogs are wonderful creatures, the amount of love they have for their close ones especially close ones is unbelievable for an animal. Not only are dogs loyal, but one of the friendliest creatures. This is a short clip of Aragon who was once an abandoned dog until his new family came along and gave him hope and love.

Aragon loves going on daily walks with his family members, one time his owner stopped as a random box caught his eye. The box didn’t look like anything special just an ordinary bicycle helmet box, but it was making unusual noises so Aragon and his owner decided to open it. Inside they found the most adorable little kittens which were abandoned. Aragon instantly remembered how it felt to be left alone without a family so he decided to adopt them.

Dog finds abandoned kittens and becomes the perfect foster dad