Watch Elderly Couple’s Sweet Airport Reunion That’ll Melt Your Heart

Love is an important part of every human being’s life. We always see it in fairytales and Disney movies, but when you see it in real life it melts your heart. Watch how this elderly couple shows us the true definition of true love. Who said love is a thing of the past, this one elderly man puts all of us men to shame.

As Valerie Jane was waiting for her bus at Van Nuys Flyaway, she noticed an elderly man holding flowers. She could not believe how romantic this gentleman was and knew something magical was about to take place. So she quickly decided to take out her phone camera and started recording.

Valerie had no idea what was about to unfold before her very own eyes. As the elderly man was waiting with flowers and a box of chocolates in his hand, Valerie noticed that his partner was approaching from the distance. As the couple reunited and hugged each other, Valerie described it as the ultimate epitome of love. Her heart melted right before her and showed her that this kind of love still exists.

She wishes the couple the very best for the future and hopes one day they will see this video of them. With just over 470,000 views, the couple was soon alerted about this video of them circulating social media. Linda and William reached out to Valerie and thanked them for capturing such a special moment for them. They had no idea they were being recorded and had no problem with it. They just hope that they can inspire others that true love is still out there.

True love lasts a lifetime