Employee At Nursing Home Caught Comforting A Troubled Resident. This Is Brilliant.

Lee Howard an employee who works for s nursing home in Great Britain was caught on camera comforting one of his distressed resident. Lee works with elderly residents and attends to their needs and requirements but his main priority is to keep them all in a happy mood. One day Lee realised that a resident named Pat who was 83 years-old seemed unusually quiet which alarmed him as it was not usual behaviour for Pat to be quiet and down. Lee tried to make Pat smile again so he thought he would make her a cup of tea and talk to her, but unfortunately, that didn’t work. So then he put her favourite song on and took her on the dance floor. There’s not a lot of people like Lee Howard but when people like him do things like this then it definitely gives you hope for a better tomorrow and brings smiles. Watch the amazing dance video below.