Every Child That Visits This House Dies, More Than 80 So Far. This Will Make You Cry

Hearing of a child’s death is saddening and can take a while to move on. Imagine being a child who has no-one beside them as they are dying, yes, this does happen. You may think in today’s society such things do not occur, but they do. Mohamed Bzeek wanted to change this and opened his heart to all terminally ill children.

Mr. Bzeek was diagnosed with colon cancer, and he was petrified as he had no-one to go with. His wife had passed away, and his only child is disabled and unable to walk. During his visits to the hospital, he imagined what it must have felt like for a child to go through this process. As a 62-year-old man he was scared of being by himself, so he decided to help children who are going through their last stages in life.

Margaret Cotts discovered what Mohamed Bzeek was doing and decided to give back to him by setting up a GoFundMe donation page. Initially, she set a goal of $30,000, but it was soon flooded with donations and is currently at $448,000. You can donate to this cause and help other children who are terminally ill.

Donation Page: GoFundMe Click Here – Mohamed Bzeek
If you are unable to donate, then share this and spread the word.

GoFundMe: Mohamed Bzeek