Ex-Husband Took Revenge By Killing His Own Son, This Is Horrific

In the Alhambra branch of Los Angeles County Superior Court, a case had risen in regards to a father murdering his own son to get revenge on his ex-wife. Aramazd Andressian Sr and Ana Estevez were divorced for a while and had 5-year-old son Aramazd Andressian Jr who lived with his mother. Both parents had a planned custody and on the 21st of April, the father Aramazd Andressian Sr had taken his son to Disneyland. Unfortunately, the father failed to exchange their son back to his mother Ana Estevez on the 22 April. This got Ana worried and she informed the police that her son was missing.

The next day 35-year-old Aramazd Andressian Sr was found in Arroyo Seco Park where he had overdosed on some prescription pills. Police officers believe that he had tried to commit suicide. The little boy was nowhere to be seen and arrested the father in suspicious of murder.

Two months later on the 30th June investigators found the boys remain in the area of Lake Cachuma. Investigators from Los Angeles County believed that Ava’s son was killed six hours after they left Disneyland, where then the father took him towards Lake Cachuma and murdered his son.

Aramazd Andressian Sr pleaded guilty and mentioned that the only reason he killed his own son was to take revenge on his ex-wife for divorcing him. The following video is a short clip of what mother Ava Estevez said in the courtroom before ex-husband was sentenced for 25 years in prison. Horrific

Mom Confronts Ex-Husband Who Killed Son After Disneyland Trip During Sentencing