Ex-Military Man Commits Suicide After Taking Walk Of Shame

Graham Gentle aged 22 committed suicide after his workplace “Target” made him do the “walk of shame”. Target has the policy to make any employee who has stolen from the store to be handcuffed by the police and then asked to walk around the store. This process can be extremely humiliating as not only do the other staff members see you but so do customers.

Graham worked in the California, Pasadena Target store and before that he was in the army. He told his mother that he had never stolen in his life and that is an act that he would not commit. Three days after Graham Gentle was fired he could not handle the situation of being humiliated and because of Asperger’s syndrome it made him only focus on that day; this lead to his death.

Target’s ‘walk of shame’ lead to Graham Gentles suicide following false theft accusation