Exhausted Moon Bear Kicked And Assaulted While Performing In Local Circus

Going to zoo’s and circuses can be an amazing experience as you get to see all types of animals up close. Most animals are in cages so that the people can feel safe, but have you ever wondered how the animals feel? Not only are caged animals meant to make people safe but they are also meant to feel safe from humans. However, this footage shows that not all animals get treated correctly.

In China at the Fujian Zoo, a moon bear was performing but not to the expectations of the trainer, therefore the bear was abused by the trainer who is actually meant to show love and care towards the animal. The actions of the trainer had angered a lot of the audience members, and they started to shout out “stop hitting the bear” but unfortunately the trainer did not stop. Luckily, because of a number of complaints made by the audience the trainer was later suspended from work.

China zoo trainer kicks a black bear in the balls