Faith In Humanity Restored, Strangers Show Kindness To Stop Bullying

According to National Bullying Prevention Center, one in four children are bullied at school 64% of which do not report it. These numbers are staggering high, bullying can come in many forms, it always start off really small and if not stopped at the roots, then the degree of bullying gets worse each time. I’ve always been brought up to help others in need and taught to help others who are not able to help themselves (i.e. bullying).

This video is a social experiment which stages three girls, two of which are bullying one girl in a public bus stop in front of strangers. In every instance, the strangers intervened and made a remark aginst the things the two girls were saying. I’ve seen many videos online where no one stops and intervenes the bully, only if we had more of these good-hearted strangers around. Together we can stop bullying if you are unable to stop it, at least report it.

Who Will Stop the Bullying?