Family Dog Refuses To Leave Babys Side After Baby Suffered A Fatal Stroke

Everyone knows that dogs have sixth senses, if you are a dog owner you will know exactly what we are talking about. Dogs seem to have an emotional connection with humans and can feel what you are feeling. John and Mary Hall’s dog knew exactly what was going on when Nora their 5-month-old daughter suffered a stroke that damaged her brain.

The doctors told the Hall residence that 5-month-old Nora did not have much longer to live and that they need to say their final goodbyes. Nora underwent major treatment that had a very small chance of success. The family basset hounds Gracie and Grumpy never left her side and could feel Nora’s pain. Nora sadly passed away; she was loved by her parents and showed endless amount of love from her dogs.

Basset Hounds Wouldn't Leave Dying Infant's Side, Mom Says