Famous Football Player Buys Dog For $8,000 So He Could Starve Him To Death

Ex-National Football League player Terrence Cody of Baltimore Ravens has been sentenced to a miserly 9 months in prison for starving his dog to death. His sentence was reduced for showing good behavior and obeying the prison rules. Terrence Cody who played for the Baltimore Ravens got released from prison 3 months early after he was convicted of starving his pet dog for a month. Cody was charged with misdemeanor and neglect of an animal, he also has an 18 month probation period of owning another pet.

Terrence Cody purchased Taz a Canary Mastiff for $8,000 and imported the dog from Spain. He put the dog in a dirt dog house and did not feed him for over a month. With all the money in the world, Cody had other priorities in life than give his dog some food. Cody who has been caught for doping in the past did not even consider spending some money on his dog.

Shana Harris Comments on Former Ravens DT Terrence Cody Indictment