Farmer Found Dead Along With 16 Of His Cows, The Cause Behind This Was Shocking

Michael Biadsz a Wisconsin farmer aged 29 was found dead along with 16 of his cows and the cause was a “deadly done of air” formed by the manure holding tank in the farm. Michael’s father Bob Biadasz explained the press that “When he broke up that hard crust basically the methane or sulfur dioxide came out of the manure and was sitting there because there was a heavy fog mass.”

He mentioned that usually the gases would go into the air and dissolve but due to the weather conditions that day it must have caused Michael to breathe in the toxic gas and leave him dead within seconds. After this situation, many farmers are now asking for new regulations to take place in order to prevent this happening again.

Death Of Farmer And 13 Cows Caused By Manure Fumes