Father Insults Doctor For Not Doing His Job Faster, What Happens Next Will Leave You In Tears

It can be so annoying when you’re waiting around for a Doctor at a hospital especially when you have a severe problem with your health. Sometimes even having to wait around in the emergency department can take a good couple of hours which annoys us even more, but the thing is we never have a clue of what is happening behind closed doors. We may even come to a point where we are yelling at the nurses and Doctors for not attending much faster, and without realising you may even say something that would hurt their feelings. ¬†Here is a touching story of a Doctor trying to attend to a patient (little boy) as fast as he can but the boys father is not helping the Doctor as he constantly insults him. However, the Doctor just answers every question of his with a smile, when the surgery was complete the father was left in a speechless state.


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Source: moralstories.org