Father Murdered Elderly Man For Raping His Daughter

24-year-old Julia Maynor decided to open up about her deepest darkest secrets to her father Jay Maynor. From the age of 4 years old to 9 years old Julia had been raped and molested on several occasions by Julia’s grandfather Raymond Brooks. Julia told the press that it happened for so long that her grandfather made her think that it was a normal thing to do.

He used to tell her that the love he showed and had for her was different to the way her parents loved her. When Julia told her father about this he was so angry that he didn’t sit to think about anything instead he drove to Raymond’s house and shot him without thinking twice and it killed Raymond. Jay Maynor is now serving 40 years behind bars as he pleaded guilty just so that his daughter did not have to go to court to testify.

Sex Offender Killed, Abuse Victim Speaks