Father Put In Prison For Raping And Murder His Baby, But There’s Just One Problem

Once you’ve been called a murderer and being in prison, it can be hard to remove that reputation and stain off even if you are innocent. James Lee Saltmarshall aged 26 had a daughter Janiyah, with his partner Zuleika Moreno aged 29. Zuleika was charged with child abuse and lost all 6 of her children including 8-month-old Janiya who was taken into custody by James.

A few days after James got custody of his daughter she stopped breathing, and he rushed her to the hospital. When police arrived at the scene, they jumped to conclusions and arrested James for raping and murdering the 8-month-old. James broke down but tried his hardest to fight the fact that he did no such thing to his child, but it was only three days after that they forensic evidence came back and proved James to be innocent.

He did not commit this crime and had no chance to grieve for his daughter’s death. Instead, it took him two months for all charges to be cleared and dropped against him. No innocent human deserves to go to prison; he didn’t even get to say goodbye to his child.

Man accused of sexually assaulting and killing baby to be released