Father Sits Down On Sofa, He Opens Up About His Cancer And It Will Leave You In Tears

Nick Magnotti, 27, is a happy and proud new father, he loves his daughter and loves watching her smile every day. Sadly Nick’s days are numbered because he has stage 4 cancer, he stop the chemotherapy because it made him feel worse and his days were coming to an end and did not want to spend them like that. Nick decided to make a video for his daughter for when she is old enough to watch, he wanted her to know that her dad loves her. Nick came to this tough agreement with his wife Alyssa of 5 years, he continued to smile through the entire video until he started speaking about his daughter. Nick suffered from ‘Mucinous Adenocarcinoma of the Appendix with Signet Ring Cell’, Poorly Differentiated, Stage 4 and was already diagnosed to be on borrowed time. Rest In Peace Nick.

Young Man Battles Cancer With A Smile