Fishermen’s Hearts Stop When They See Bear Cubs Clung To Their Boat

Seeing a bear can be somewhat scary but seeing a baby bear cub doesn’t sound that bad. Two fishermen were in the inner parts of Lake Vygozero in the Republic of Karelia, Russia doing their usual fishing. All of a sudden they heard a noise coming from the side of the boat, when they turned to see what it was they saw a bear cub clung to the boat for its life.

At first, the fishermen did not know what to do, they couldn’t leave him in the water because the cub would die from the cold water but at the same time, they were worried if they saved the cub it might attack them on the boat. However, the took the risk and saved the cub, but it wasn’t one cub in the water there were two. Until this day no one knows how these cubs managed to get themselves so far into the lake.

Fishermen rescue two drowning bear cubs from jaws of death in Russia