Footage Going Viral From The Words That This Tiny Baby Speaks After Sneezing

Babies are adorable and can be so entertaining for adults too, from moments such as bath times, smiles, hiccups, laughs to cuddles. It’s as if nothing they do is cute because everything just makes you smile right from the inside. Parent’s Magazine suggests that babies actually sneeze way more than adults and toddlers, and the reason behind that is because that is the only way to clear their nasal passage.

Here is a short clip that Gabriel Jones recorded of her young baby sneezing. It’s clear that this little one sneezes a lot and the parents must always say “oh no” straight after the sneeze because what this baby mimics after sneezing will melt your heart. This clip will surely make your day, that’s the reason it’s going viral. Share with those that need cheering up, or would love this video.

Adorable baby sneezes and says "Oh No!"