Footage Of Cop Shooting Innocent Dog’s, This Is Unacceptable

Sometimes don’t you just wonder how some people manage to get the job that they do because at times they do things that make you think “do they really have the right skills for this duty?” This is a CCTV footage of Jennifer LeMay’s backyard. LeMay’s daughter had accidentally triggered off the burglar alarm system to which a police officer responded to.

In the video, you can see that the officer went to the backyard and two dogs followed him wagging their tails. The dogs did not show any threat or attack the officer, but the man decided to shoot one of the dog’s in the face and the other on the body. Luckily, the dogs have survived but it really makes you wonder why this man was even in that field of job and why he was carrying a gun if he did not use it for the right reasons.

Family Seeks Answers After 2 Dogs Shot During Burglary Alarm Call