Girl Is Excited For Prom But Then She Gets Kicked Out Of Because Of Her Dress

In Mechanicsville, Virginia May 2014 a teenage girl named Clare was getting ready to go to her prom event which was held at the local church. Clare was always homeschooled and was feeling very excited to attend the event with her friends and boyfriend.

The church had given her and others who were attending the event with registration forms which indicated what the dress code must be for both males and females. Clare had chosen her outfit for the night and passed the “fingertip test” which meant that it was long and appropriate for her to wear.

As Clare and her boyfriend started to enjoy prom one of the organizers of the event went up to Clare while she was on the dance floor and began to criticize the way she was dancing indicating that her dancing was inappropriate and would give the males in the room impure thoughts. The organizing did not end there she started to then pick on Clare’s dress saying that it was too short and therefore threw Clare and her boyfriend out the Church and that too without a refund for the $25 tickets.

Clare was humiliated horribly and did not want it to happen to anyone else and therefore shared this to spread the word. No one should feel like this especially not on a special occasion.

Provocative prom dress update