GoPro Lost At The Bottom Of A Lake, Found A Year Later Tells A Beautiful Story

Kyle Puelston and his family were diving and playing in the water at Minnesota’s Temperance river when he managed to lose his GoPro. The GoPro which has many family moments recorded was deemed forever lost by Kyle and gave up hope after spending hours looking for it. A year later his camera was found but in an interesting way. Chris Flores and his brother purchased some snorkeling gear and were snorkeling downstream of the river were Kyle lost his GoPro. Chris and his brother eager to return the GoPro to the owner downloaded the footage. Chris realized that the GoPro contained hours of family videos. Chris Flores nearly lost his baby daughter’s life to a heart attack knew how much these videos mean. After Chris contacted Kyle, all Kyle wanted was the memory card which contained the family videos and told Chris to keep the GoPro.

Sunken GoPro camera surfaces year later with a story