Grandma Brings In Old Lion Statue, She Never Expected The Appraiser To Start Crying

Edna appeared on Antiques Roadshow when it stopped by in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she decided to take a ‘heavy grey marble statue’ to the show. With no idea of its value or story, she was optimistic if she would get anything out of it, but the idea of being on television was satisfying enough.

Her appraiser, Lark E. Mason decided to have a look at the idea gifted to her by her late grandparents, and what followed next was unexpected. The statue, in fact, was from the ‘golden period’ of Chinese art history called the Tang Dynasty era. He estimated the statue to fetch in the region of $120k to $250k which left Edna speechless.

Tang Dynasty Marble Lion | Vintage Albuquerque | Preview