Group Of People Rush To Save 1,000 Animals Loaded In A Truck From Being Killed

There is an annual estimation of between 10-20 million dogs being killed and slaughtered for their meat, and as for cats, it’s roughly 4 million. A huge truck filled with over 1000 cats and dogs was stopped by animal activists from heading towards a slaughterhouse in  Guangzhou, China. An animal lover stopped his SUV in front of the truck to stop it from moving so that the rest of the group could rescue the animals.

These animals were all in small wire cages, some were infected with diseases and were spreading them to other animals others were even pregnant. Each and every single cage was all stacked on top of one another making it hard for them all to breathe let alone being fed. Within an hour of the truck being stopped there were roughly 300 more people that joined and helped rescue these cats and dogs providing them all with food and water and within 10 hours they managed to rescue all the animals.

Chinese animal activists rescue nearly 1,000 dogs and cats