Artist Pours Hot Molten Aluminium (1220°F) Into An Ant Colony To Create A Masterpiece

An artist from Anthill Art created an amazing masterpiece from pouring molten aluminium into an abandoned ant colony. Aluminium has a melting point of 660.3 °C, so you can imagine the hotness of the aluminium, and also the safety needed to ensure he doesn’t hurt himself. The finished artwork weights in at 8kg. This video really does show you the creativeness of these fire ants.

Theo builds an incredible metal structure by pouring molten aluminium into an abandoned fire ant colony. The artist has no idea that the cast would be so huge, and it weighed in at 17.9 lbs and reached the depth of just over 18 inches.

Anthill initially posted the video to YouTube and other social media platforms in hopes of selling his art work. Sales were slow for him and after posting the video, he had no idea that he would become an overnight wonder. He claimed that the video went ‘super-viral’ and gained a staggering 6 million views per day. Cast #043 which is shown in the video was sold for a low price, considering the popularity Anthill gained several days later.

His pieces are now on high demand and have gained over 210 million views in total on YouTube. Offers of buying his artwork began to roll in shortly after his video went viral. He said he was ‘caught off guard’ by the number of purchases coming through his website. Till this day he still gets offers from people about buying his artwork, he now has a list and completes the orders in number order.

Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum (Cast #043)