Heartless Man Caught On Camera And Jailed For Animal Cruelty

Animals should never be treated with abuse just as we wouldn’t abuse any human as it is immoral. The sad part is when an animal gets abused they cannot call out for help because they don’t have a voice, so they would suffer much longer than a human being abused. A dog is particularly loyal to their owner and if you start abusing the dog then they would break all trust and ties because as a human you have broken the rules.

Here is a clip of John Sporer from Eastpointe, United States who is going to trial for abusing his dog Meatball. There has been clear evidence recorded by John’s neighbor when Meatball gets abused which helped Meatball have a second chance to restart life with better owners.

Eastpointe man ordered to stand trial for allegedly abusing his dog "Meatball"