Helpless Kid Caught Stealing Medicine, What Happens Next Will Have You In Tears

We all stole or took something when we were kids, big or small. Watch as this one kid steals medicine for his family and is shown kindness from a stranger, a stranger who one day is re-payed for his kindness. This video will have you in tears!

This viral video was produced by True Move H  and they always believe that “giving is the best communication”. Their aim was to create a short advert that would not only portray their message but capture the viewer’s hearts.

They were inspired by a true story that was brought to their attention through their social media platforms. True Move H brand believed that giving without seeking any return of reward is the true starting point of pure giving. The group believes that the best communication is when you can communicate without a word and they believe that is the most powerful communication.

ทรูมูฟ เอช " การให้ คือการสื่อสารที่ดีที่สุด " TrueMove H : Giving