Her 19-Year-Old Son Died In An Accident, The Radio Speaks Directly To Her In Her Car

For any parent to lose their children is a horrifying experience, something that should never have to happen to any parent. Michelle, unfortunately, lost her son who was 19 years old to an accident and passed away. The local radio station heard about this and wanted to help Michelle during this hard time, something she never expected.

This mother named Michelle was really struggling to get her life back on track, as well as trying to manage her finances after she lost her 19-year-old son. She loved Blaine more than anything in the world; he was her angel. So after losing him, Michelle became a state and let go of everything.

Despite losing her son, she still had to go to work to pay for her bills and rent. Michelle’s bills were starting to pile up, as she would often miss a couple of days of work at a time. Struggling with her bills, her daughter Crystal decided to take matters into her own hands.

That is when Crystal decided to reach out to Kyle and Jackie O, and they devised a plan that would leave her speechless. After losing her 19-year-old son to a freak accident, Kyle and Jackie O thought Michelle needed some rest.

Michelle, not being able to get the image of her son dying out of her head. Blaine was a handsome 19-year-old boy with many ambitions in life. He played for his local Rugby league and was a warm-hearted young man. He was not afraid of showing affection towards others, especially his girlfriend, Victoria. He was described as a young man with a big heart, and would ‘light up a dark room’.

Credits: Kyle and Jackie O

Kyle and Jackie O set up a GoPro camera in her daughter Crystal’s car and decided to give her a surprise. Crystal put on the radio and Kyle, and Jackie O decided to talk to Michelle through the radio. Michelle was shocked and could not believe that the radio hosts were talking to her. At first, she thought it was a prank, but after releasing what was happening, she was in tears.

The radio channel, with the help of Clarendon Homes, thought it would be a fantastic idea to pay Michelle’s mortgage for 6 months. This way, Michelle could have some time off work and would not have to rush her grieving. They also threw in a bonus of $5,000 to put towards a memorial in Blaine’s memory.

Surprise Giveback for Deserving Mum