Her Boyfriend Refused To Kiss Her On “Kiss Cam”, What She Did Next Was Hilarious

During timeouts and intermissions in games, the sports teams host a fun way to keep the fans entertained and on their toes. In the New York Knicks basketball game, they presented the famous and well known “Kiss Cam” for entertainment. The way this works is, a camera will randomly stop at a couple, and they are expected to kiss until it is time for the next selected couple. Now most of the crowd found this amusing and exciting, and if they were on the big screen, they would have to kiss their date.

However, there was one couple where the woman was happy to be selected and kept telling her date that they were on the “Kiss Cam,” but the male was not interested at all he ignored her and continued to look at his cell phone. But this woman did not want to miss her chance, so she looked at the guy sitting next to her (a total stranger), and they both ended up kissing one another without saying a word. Her date clearly was confused and annoyed, but this didn’t bother the woman, she got what she wanted.

Woman Kisses Man Next to Her on Kiss Cam After Date Snubs Her