Hilarious Video Of A Dog And His Owner Discussing About Getting A Kitten

This hilarious video shows an owner and his dog having a conversation about getting him a kitten. The owner has pulled off an amazing job of a perfectly timed voiceover. The owner consistently teasing the dog about what he got from the pet store, and can’t hold his excitement in as he keeps jumping around. The dog finally gets a new member of the family, and it is a kitten after all.

Dexter is seen talking to his dog Clyde, and the interaction between the two had brought laughter to millions of viewers on social media. Clyde being a puppy himself, was all jumpy and excited about getting a new kitten as an addition to the family.

Clyde’s owner, Dexter, starts off the conversation by stating that he went to the pet store earlier on in the day. He mentioned that Clyde wanted a girl kitten, and it also being a Tabby breed. Clyde jumps with joy and excitement, as his owner is talking, he soon realizes that there is not a cat around, nor can he hear one.

He questions his owner by asking, “where is she?” that is when his owner tells him that “he did not let him finish.”  Clyde’s owner beings to talk about him looking around the pet store at other animals such as snakes, gunnie pigs, mice, gerbils, and parrots. When his owner mentions kittens again, Clyde beings to waggle his tail and jumps in excitement. Find out whether or not poor Clyde got what he wanted or not in the video below.