Hilarious Video Of A Dog And His Owner Discussing Food, Ultimate Dog Tease

Andrew Grantham yet again creates another funny and hilarious video discussing food with his dog. The perfectly timed voice-overs about all the tasty and delicious food make this short clip entertaining and very much believing.

The owner firstly starts talking about going into his refrigerator and opening the drawer with meat, making the dog wonder where he will go with this conversation. Once Andrew got the full attention of his dog and knew that he was engaged, then he said something that upset the dog immediately.

The dog’s reaction is priceless; it will surely get you in stitches. The owner didn’t just stop there, though; he continued to agonise the dog with his talks of all the lovely meats and chickens he had been eating.

But watch until the end and see how the dog reacts when he is told that the cat ate some of those delicious foods that the owner described to him.

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Ultimate Dog Tease