Homeowner Follows Mama And Her Ducklings When They Sneak Into Her House

Have you ever wondered how a mother duck trains her chicks to follow her from such young age? some people call it magic others would say its nature but either way, it’s extraordinary. For three years Caroline Verhees has helped this Muscovy mother duck to travel through her home in order for her and her chicks to get to the pond in a safe and easier way. Caroline’s home was a shortcut for these little birds.

Verhees mentioned that it all started one day when she heard a tapping noise coming from her backyard door. She went to go and investigate and there she found mama duck and her ducklings all waiting to go inside her home. Caroline was so pleasant and put her dog away and helped the ducklings pass through, and since that day mama duck and her ducklings have become great friends with Caroline.

The story of mama Duck