Horrifying Footage Of Elderly Man Being Abused By Nurses

Hussein Younes an 89-year old male was put into care at Autumwood of Livonia nursing home in Michigan. He went through an abdominal surgery and recently had a stroke leaving him wheelchair bound. He was at the nursing home for a few weeks and was being treated terribly by the nurses who looked after him. Hussein complained to his children about the treatment, which then they took upon the management.

Unfortunately, the management turned a blind eye and fell on deaf ears to Younes’ situation and tried to reassure the family that Hussein was taken care of at the bet level. They even started to claim that Younes’ claims were false and they no longer want to hear anything of it. Therefore the children hid a security camera in their father’s room and watched what was happening.

After watching the recording they were able to see how the cuts and bruises ended up on Hussein. The family showed the footage to the nursing home and they tried to silence Younes and his family. However, a civil lawsuit was filed against them and Younes was transferred to another better care home.

Video shows nurses abusing wheelchair bound patient in Michigan