Horse Nurtures Lonely Baby When He Starts To Cry, This Is Amazing

When someone mentions the animal horse what comes to your mind? Other than that it is a beautiful creature with incredible talents, well here is another talent that can be added to the list, baby-sitting. Yes, you read right, Donato the horse of Tracy Lega was in his barn like usual, but this time he had an unknown guest who he had never met; a baby sat in an infant seat wearing a red baby-grow. Tracy Lega had decided to film Donato’s reaction towards a child and therefore she left the baby in front of the horse. Donato first started to examine the child by popping his head out of his stall and staring at the baby. After a while, Donato uses his lips to push the baby seat by its handle and starts to rock it forward and back. Watch the video below to see how nurturing an animal can be towards a baby and see what happens next.