Humans Are Put In Cages While Animals Roam Around Them Freely

Have you ever thought about how it would feel like to be caged up? I’m sure most people would say that they would hate it. Then the next question that arises is, why are animals always caged up especially in a Zoo. People all over the world go to Zoo’s to see animals who are caged up in a small section and some places may even be unhygienic.

Orana Wildlife Park in New Zealand has a different approach to the rest of the world when it comes to seeing animals in the Zoo. This Wildlife Park is the only open-range Zoo, and it doesn’t consist of animals being in cages instead the animals have 7,600 square meters to roam around, and the visitors are the ones who end up being in the cage. It’s a whole new level of experience but one that will surely make you answer more questions in regards to animals.

And for those who are wondering how the animals are being fed, don’t worry the staff goes into the cages every day to feed the animals mainly for the big cats. Let us know your opinions of this open range Zoo in New Zealand.

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