Husband And Wife Are Sentenced To More Than 750 Years In Prison

From 2010-2013 Matthew Ayers and his wife, Patricia Ayers from Alabama had a child in custody which they used to produce child pornography. When they were shown evidence in court, the couple admitted and pleaded guilty for all the images they produced of the child. U.S. District Judge L. Scott Coogler gave the Alabama couple the maximum prison sentence for them both.

Matthew Ayers was sentenced to 750 years, and his wife Patrica was given 1590 years, but it doesn’t just end there because that it only for one charge but could face many more years when they also get charged for rape and sexual abuse. Patricia even organized a meeting with a Texas man to have sex with the young girl. Judge L. Scott Coogler mentioned during the hearing that these individuals had robbed the kid of her soul, I couldn’t agree more.

Woman Sentenced To 1590 Years In Prison, Husband Gets 750 Years