It Took Mom 9-Months To Produce This, It’s Not What You Think It Is – Incredible

Cara Brookins recently went through a rough marriage and divorce. Cara knows she would become homeless in the days to come and needed to do something or her and her children will become homeless. Cara decided to build herself a house by watching YouTube videos. Everyone laughed at her at the beginning, but as they saw progress, their jaws began to drop. She had a budget of $130,000 which covered the cost of raw materials and saved thousands of dollars on labor costs, as she got the whole family to help out. After nine months her house was ready to move into, they named the house Inkwell Manor. In the time it takes a baby to be born, Cara managed to build a five bedroom house and keep her children off the streets.

Mother Of 4 Builds House From Scratch By Watching YouTube Videos