It Was A Choice Between Husband And Son, Law Clears Woman Who Killed Her Husband

Michelle Dinkins-Penland a woman from Florida, Ocala was not charged with murder or any other charges when she shot her husband, this was decided by the Prosecutors with the State Attorney’s Office. Mark Penland aged 53 an ex-military soldier was shot by his wife Michelle when he attacked her family. Mark and Michelle were in a relationship for over 6 years and married for a year.

On March 22 they were celebrating Michelle’s son’s 14th birthday and had invited many friends and family members. Her son went to throw away some pizza boxes outside when all of a sudden Mark started to yell and lash out at the young boy. Michelle and her mother came running and tried to stop Mark from beating her son but Michelle and her mother got attacked by him before he went back to the boy.

As a mother and wife Michelle had to a make a decision whether she would save her son’s life or let her husband live. As this was not the first time he had laid hands on the young teenager Michelle knew that she had to save her son otherwise if Mark lived there would be too many funerals.

Here is one statement that Michelle Dinkins-Penland stated which is very inspirational; “Now, other victims of domestic violence can feel like they can protect themselves and their families,” she said. “We have suffered a great loss, and I think the only winners, in this case, are the victims of domestic violence. Hopefully, my situation will show other victims that it’s OK to protect their families when necessary.”

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Prosecutor: Ocala Wife Was Justified Under Stand Your Ground Law For Shooting Husband To Protect Son