Jealous Father Beats Baby Girl To Death After She Fights Cancer

Ryan Lawrence father of 21-month old baby daughter Maddox was meant to pick up his wife Morgan Lawrence from work one night, instead, he left their car in the parking lot for her to make her own way home. When Morgan reached home she found a letter written by Ryan mentioning that he might hurt their baby daughter and himself. This got Morgan extremely worried as this was not normal in her household, so she decided to get the police involved. When investigators were involved within two days they found Ryan 10 miles away from their hometown but baby Maddox was still missing and nowhere to be seen.

They caught Ryan and asked him several questions which then he admitted to killing his baby daughter by beating her to death with a baseball bat. He then confessed that he put her body into a fire pit and then the remains of her body were put on a cinder block and dumped. Police and the court later figured that he murdered his own daughter as she was a cancer survivor and because she was getting a lot of care and attention it made him envious. Ryan Lawrence is now behind bars and will be there for the next 25 years. Watch the video below to see a short clip from the court hearing.

Killing of Baby Maddox: 25 years to life for her father, Ryan Lawrence