Jealous Man Murders Ex-Girlfriend And Then Kidnaps Her Son And Stepmother

When 23-year-old Amanda Manga broke up with her ex-boyfriend James Ramey he was not happy and had constantly threatened her and their 10-month old child that he would murder her if she ever left him. Amanda also was known as Mandi, always informed the police that she was getting threats from her 27-year-old James. But one-day after Amanda posted her new relationship status on social media James broke into her home in Delta, Ohio and shot her in the chest.

She was taken to the hospital and when she regained consciousness a few minutes before she died she asked where her 10-month old son was; “where’s Winston?”. The police asked who shot her and she gave them James’s name and luckily were able to find him along with their unharmed baby and Amanda’s stepmother who was also held, hostage. James Ramey is now in prison but unfortunately, Amanda Manga did not survive and her son is now without a mother.

Dying Mom Asked "Where's Winston?", Led To Killer