Jobless Migrant Family Of 10 Turn Down 5 Bedroom House And Demands A Mansion

Arnold and Jeanne Sube are initially from Cameroon, West Africa; they immigrated from France because their welfare reached its peak and they could not get any more benefits from the government. They are currently in a three-bedroom house which they are not happy with because Arnold and his partner Jeanne keep having more children. The family was offered a five-bedroom home, but they refused and demanded a Manson instead.

Arnold and Jeanne Sube believe they are neglected by the government even after they receive $147,000 in handouts each year. They recently ran up a $51,156 hotel bill with $28,000 of room service when the council placed them in a hotel for four months. Arnold and Jeanne said they couldn’t live a lavish lifestyle and demand more money, despite them not contributing anything back into society. Despite having a Flatscreen TV and a XBOX console in each room paid by the taxpayer, they still want more.

Jobless Migrant Family Of 10 Demands Mansion, Council Has Perfect Response