Locals Believed This Horse Wouldn’t Survive Until This Magical Transformation Occurred

Here is a story about a horse that went through a magical transformation in an Irish Village names Clondalkin during the Spring season of 2016. People from the village saw a bunch of horses on a field most of them which were galloping around, however, there was this one horse that looked different to the rest in many ways. Firstly, this horse was by itself and was acting very unusual, when the people of the village took a closer look they saw that the horse had a halter embedded into its head. Immediately after noticing this the group of people contacted the local horse rescue department.

The Rescue team tried everything they could in their power to catch the horse which they did eventaully, but it wasn’t an easy job for them. They named the horse Gerry and took him into the rescue shelter where they helped Gerry recover from the infected injury that he suffered. Even though the Rescue team helped Gerry recover physically they will never know if he will ever heal psychologically.