Male Abused Woman On Subway, Everyone Stood Staring Until This Man Came Along

Sam Saia was on her regular commute to work via the subway, her everyday normal routine turned horrific within seconds when she asked the passenger next to her to keep to his seat. Sam had politely told the man that he was “man-spreading” and she would appreciate it if he wouldn’t sit with his legs so wide open as it was interfering with her personal space.

The man did not take this well and started arguing with Sam, and before you know it the argument becomes so heated that he punched Sam Saia in front of many others on the subway. No-one offered to stand up with Sam and help her move away from this vicious man. Luckily, Victor Conte, a 29-year-old man stepped in, holding onto the man’s hands firmly and telling him to “Get off the train, bro! You don’t hit a lady.”

Victor later told the press that he was angry how no one stepped up to help poor Sam, he explained “I was mad that he hit her and no one else on the train did anything. There were two guys literally sitting across from her, and they just looked away.”